Is your current tip-off tool effective? How many tip-offs did you receive last month? Use the julisha tip-off to empower your staff, partners and stakeholders to blow the whistle.


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Julisha empowers others to be empowered

In this Page of the platform, the tipper is welcomed with a simple to understand interface, having a button in white text (Blow the whistle). A text field, with place holder (xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx) and a submission button (Login). To submit your first tip, click on the “Blow the whistle” button to access the

Once you log in you will be able to see all the Information related to the tip. There are options for the tipper to provide more information. As well as do a two-way chat between tipper and the recipient anonymously until tip is investigated conclusively

Anon Feedback: Comments and follow up on the tip is then accessible via the portal using your 16 secret code

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Key Features

  • Two-way anonymous chat encrypted 14-digit code
  • Web based security of your data secrets
  • 99% anonymous guaranteed
  • Encrypted emails

Anonymous. Secure. Affordable

Designed to be user-friendly the software is customizable up to your needs and protects the whistleblower’s privacy and submissions by default.




Sign-up: Julisha 4-step sign up

You write to us accepting to be enrolled on

Provide a dedicated email address to be use in the platform for receiving tips

You are able to start receiving tips securely. You’ll have on-going support. And that is all!

Publicize and market julisha details to the public to ensure people you want to blow the whistle use your system

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It is very secure and we guarantee 99% anonymous communication with 256 encryption

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